Life According to Mold

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everyone is embarrassed of their fourteen year old self trust me if you’re fourteen right now you will regret whatever it is that you are doing at this moment

What, being a SuperWhoLockian, Tumblrian, and just being generally pretty good? I don’t think so.

screenshot this and look at it in 3 years

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Has anyone else had friends become really /really/ religious after high school? Like, it’s not bad, they’re not being hateful or anything- it’s just that now they quote scripture in their Facebook statuses and Instagram photos
It probably makes me uncomfortable because since high school, I have believed less and less in god, and even when I did believe I never talked about it, especially in social media.
Idk it makes me feel weird but I can’t place why because they say only good things and they’re just expressing their beliefs which I fully support


when you’re lonely, you become observant of people. when you become observant of you master the art of perception. being perceptive means you can tell when someones energy changes, you can read people well, and you can tell when they’re no longer interested in keeping you around

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Cape Disappointment Coast | Washington (by Kim Hamlet)

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