Life According to Mold

"this summer i became a new girl
i even have a new favourite colour
(its pink if you are wondering)
i haven’t felt the best
but i have felt the most me
i really miss you
i honestly do
i always thought myself independent
but it wasn’t true
pretending that you are strong
is the weakest thing to do"

-   ”well considered assessment” by j.k.v. (via floorboardcreak)

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obama: *forces himself into the public eye and does "hip" things to make gullible teens like him*
tumblr: you don't have to like his policies but you have to admit he's cool
obama: *kills people*


Warpaint live at Oosterpoort, Groningen 2014. Photos by Gerlof Hoekstra.

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Jean Labourdette’s Sculptural Paintings.

Artist Jean Labourdette (also known as Turf One) adds elements of sculpture and woodwork to his realistic paintings to give the work a sense of Victorian and other world mystique.  See more of the fantastic work below:

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all forms of shipping are disgusting and shameful


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